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Author and Instructor Diane Millar provides seminars internationally for dental conferences, dental hygiene societies, periodontal study clubs and dental hygiene programs.

Advanced Scaling and Ergonomics: Elevate Your Career to a New Level!

This course will provide participants with a “virtual hands-on scaling experience” in order to learn reinforced periodontal instrumentation techniques. These techniques are based on Diane’s book: Reinforced Periodontal Instrumentation and Ergonomics for the Dental Care Provider. They have been proven to prevent injury and increase career longevity for dental hygienists. Ideal biomechanical ergonomic postures will be demonstrated and then applied through audience participation during the seminar. The importance of incorporating larger muscle groups and ideal fulcrum rests to enhance lateral pressure, improve scaling efficacy and ensure injury prevention will also be emphasized.

Reinforced scaling techniques incorporate both hands while scaling. Working with both hands increases stability, lateral pressure and control. These innovative scaling techniques enhance scaling proficiency and reduces the incidence of repetitive motion injuries.

Learning Outcomes (Exit skills)

  • Learning Outcome 1 – Upon completion, the participant shall be able to: Demonstrate reinforced periodontal instrumentation techniques and ideal fulcrum rests by utilizing both hands.
  • Learning Outcome 2 – The participant will have a thorough understanding of: The importance in utilizing the larger muscle groups in the arms while scaling to enhance scaling efficacy.
  • Learning Outcome 3 – The participant will be able to: Identify newer strategies to prevent harmful postural habits and repetitive motion injuries.
A photo of Diane Millar standing near a poster for the Florida Dental Conference that was in June 2023
Florida Dental Conference - June 2023


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