One-On-One Lessons with Diane Millar, RDH, MA

RDH Students - Advance Your Skills!

~ Online Zoom Training ~

Get hands-on dental hygiene clinical tutoring sessions to prepare for the boards or advance your skills!


One-on-one dental hygiene instrumentation tutoring for dental hygiene students and dental hygienists in private practice via zoom with instruments, and a typodont connected to a portable simulation unit.

Students, would you like to improve your instrumentation skills for the clinical boards? Whether you are taking the WREB, CRDTS or another clinical examination, I can give you some pointers!

By watching your scaling techniques on your typodont, I will make verbal suggestions and then demonstrate on my typodont for you to observe my recommendations. I will then have you practice on your typodont just as if we were in clinic together for a tutoring session!


30 Years Experience

I have been teaching clinical dental hygiene for 30 years and have been able to identify strategies for improvement with scaling techniques and ergonomics.
I have also provided lectures and hands-on workshops at dental conferences in the USA and in Canada for over 10 years.

Whatever your challenges are with scaling in any quadrant, I can help you!
If you are experiencing pain while practicing, I can make recommendations to protect your most valuable asset; your career!


Together we can work on some of the following topics to improve your skills:

  • Protective egonomic positioning
  • Intraoral and Extraoral Fulcrums
  • Grasp
  • Wrist Motions
  • Adaptation
  • Angulation
  • Stroke activation
  • Advanced instrumentation techniques
  • Reinforced instrumentation techniques
  • Strategies for sequencing while scaling
Private Tutoring session photo of Diane Millar, RDH, MA
Private Online Tutoring Session with Diane Millar, RDH, MA

For information about personalized one-on-one tutoring:

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(949) 633-7783