Instructor / Presentations

Dental hygiene affiliations

As an innovator in the field of dental hygiene instrumentation techniques Diane Millar has held a wide variety of roles including Author, Speaker, Dental Hygiene Consultant, Instructor and Clinician. Here are just a few Organizations and Institutions with which Diane Millar has worked with through the years.

West Coast University faculty member, Diane Millar

Professional Presentations for Advanced Instrumentation and Ergonomics and hands-on workshops:

Diane has presented at many conferences across the U.S. and Canada.
Here are just some of them:

  • CDA – California Dental Association Scientific Session, Anaheim, CA
  • CDA – California Dental Association Scientific Session, San Francisco, CA
  • ADA - American Dental Association-World Dental Congress Federation, CA
  • Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta, GA
  • Florida Dental Association Conference, Orlando, FL
  • Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, Chicago, IL
  • Pacific Northwest Dental Conference, Bellevue, WA
  • Texas Dental Association, San Antonio, TX
  • Pacific Dental Conference – Vancouver, CA
  • Bisco Canada and rdhU Dental Hygiene Conference, Vancouver, CA
  • Bisco Canada, Dental Hygiene Conference, Toronto, CA
  • Thompson Okanagan Dental Society Conference, Kelowna, CA
  • British Columbia Dental Hygiene Association, Vancouver, CA
  • American Dental Hygiene Association Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN
  • Western Regional Dental Conference, Phoenix, AZ
  • RDH Under One Roof, Las Vegas, NV
  • Nation's Capital Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting, WA, DC
  • Western Society of Periodontology, San Diego, CA
  • Star of the North Dental Conference, St. Paul, MN
  • Metro Denver Dental Hygiene Society Meeting, Denver, CO
  • Sentinel Periodontics Annual Meeting, Longview, WA
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Dental Conference, Richmond, VA
  • Ontario Dental Association Meeting in Toronto, Canada

Webinars 2020-2022 on Advanced Instrumentation and Ergonomics:

  • CDA Art+Science of Dentistry Webinar, San Francisco, CA
  • Bisco Canada, Vancouver, CA
  • Tri-County Dental Hygiene Association, CA
  • PlanmecaUSA, Chicago, IL
  • StudentRDH
  • Concord Seminars