CE Courses

Continuing Education for Dental Hygienists

Diane is a Continuing Education Provider and is licensed by the California Dental Board. She offers seminars and hands-on workshops in dental offices for dental hygienists and provides up to 4 CE units. She will also provide CE units for larger study groups.

  • Diane provides one on one hands-on instruction for dental hygienists who want to learn new, innovative reinforced scaling techniques and improved ergonomics. She will consult and give suggestions on establishing improved instrumentation and ergonomic techniques in order to prevent injury and enhance career satisfaction.
  • She has also worked with dental hygienists who experience pain while practicing and need help to modify scaling techniques and ergonomics in order to continue practicing without having long term injury or disability.
  • Diane provides lectures and hands-on workshops throughout the country and in Canada. She works with dental hygienists and students to incorporate protective instrumentation strategies which help prevent musculoskeletal injuries. She believes she can make a difference to enhance career longevity within the field of dental hygiene.


For questions or to book Diane for a dental conference or a hands-on scaling workshop:

Diane Millar, Dental Hygiene Techniques