Inside Dental Hygiene Article – September/October 2022 Issue: Buying a Scaler

By Dental Hygiene Techniques | September 1, 2022

Before purchasing a scaler, consider an instrument’s important features…

Adverse Effects of MSD Affect Dental Hygienists

By Dental Hygiene Techniques | October 3, 2016

Musculoskeletal disorders are frequently reported by practicing dental hygienists due to the physical demands placed on the body caused by poor ergonomics, repetitive motion, pinch force, and grasp. Dental hygienists who reported MSD reduced the number of hours they worked, took time off from work, called in sick, considered changing careers, and even left clinical…

Dental Hygiene Japan Journal Article

By Dental Hygiene Techniques | January 10, 2016

Last year Diane Millar was featured in Dental Hygiene Japan Journal, click below to download a PDF version of the article! CLICK HERE

Diane Millar featured in RDH Magazine

By Dental Hygiene Techniques | May 21, 2014

Diane’s article “Scaling and exercise strategies to prevent hand, wrist and arm injuries” was recently featured in RDH Magazine’s May 2014 Issue. She partnered with yoga expert and Hygiene colleague Aubree M. Chismark to explore how instrumentation techniques and yoga can minimize occupational injuries for hygienists. To check out a PDF of the article RDH.pdf

Prevent Injury and Enhance Career Longevity with Reinforced Instrumentation Strategies

By Dental Hygiene Techniques | February 21, 2013

No longer is scaling exclusively about calculus removal. It is about calculus removal and protecting oneself from injury. Utilizing reinforced instrumentation techniques that requires scaling teeth with two hands instead of one will ensure optimum performance and promote occupational health and career longevity. Imagine working in your profession as a dental hygienist without ever experiencing…

Diane Millar featured in CDHA

By Dental Hygiene Techniques | May 21, 2009

Diane’s article “Reinforced Periodontal Instrumentation & Ergonomics” was recently featured in CDHA’s summer 2009 issue. The article discusses best practices to ensure optimal performance & career longevity for hygienists. CDHA_Article.pdf