Through the years, dental hygienists only learned how to use conventional scaling techniques with a mirror in the non-dominant hand and a scaler in the dominant hand. Unfortunately, many musculoskeletal injuries have occurred.

Tutoring Orientation with Diane

This 1-hour session will be a discussion about Dental Hygiene Clinical Challenges and how tutoring can improve skills and take you to a new level to master your scaling skills. I will talk about the tutoring sessions and demonstrate scaling techniques and of course answer questions.

Online Tutoring Topics

  • Advanced fulcrums both extraoral and intraoral in every Quadrant
  • Insert 51% - properly accessing the base of the pocket
  • Adaptation
  • Angulation
  • Grasp
  • Stroke control using the toe-third of the instrument
  • Ideal fulcrum rests in every quadrant
  • Wrist motion, pull strokes versus finger scaling
  • How to apply correct pressure for each instrument
  • Clock positions for respective quadrants for ideal ergonomics
  • Sequencing
  • Exploring
  • Probing
  • Files
  • Sharpening
  • Time management

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Attention RDH Students and Hygienists!

Now Available: One-On-One Hands-On clinical instruction via Zoom on Advanced Scaling Techniques for students and Registered Dental Hygienists.

  • If you're a student seeking one-on-one tutoring for your regional clinical boards, I can help you sharpen your skills!

  • If you are a practicing hygienist, and you're experiencing pain in your hand or wrist, I can work with you on advancing your skills to prevent injury and enjoy career longevity.

Imagine a one-on-one dental hygiene instrumentation tutoring session! Dental hygiene students and dental hygienists in private practice now have the opportunity to improve instrumentation skills via zoom with instruments, and a typodont connected to a portable simulation unit.

Students, would you like to improve your instrumentation skills while you are in dental hygiene school and for clinical boards? Whether you are taking the WREB, CRDTS or another clinical examination for school or for your dental hygiene license to practice, I can work with you and give you suggestions on how to improve your skills! This will also be beneficial to prevent musculoskeletal injuries that can occur from repetitive motions.



Private practice hands-on workshops are offered for dental hygienists to learn advanced reinforced instrumentation techniques in their own operatory.

Dental Hygiene Techniques lectures


Author and Instructor Diane Millar provides seminars internationally for dental conferences, dental hygiene societies, periodontal study clubs and dental hygiene programs.

Dental Hygiene continuing education courses


Diane is a Continuing Education Provider and is licensed by the California Dental Board. She offers seminars and hands-on workshops in dental offices for dental hygienists and provides up to 4 CE units.

My book on periodontal instrumentation and ergonomics demonstrates reinforced protective scaling strategies to help protect against injury. I am currently lecturing internationally and also facilitate hands-on dental hygiene workshops which help hygienists prevent injury and improve ergonomics while meeting current CE requirements.


Diane’s book “Reinforced Periodontal Instrumentation and Ergonomics for the Dental Care Provider is an invaluable guide for dental hygeinists. The book is extremely practical and designed to be used as an on-site reference in teaching dental hygiene tecniques that prevent injury and protect careers.


“So informative! Excited about new techniques! Can’t wait to go to work and try something new! Thank you!”